the Ridiculously Good Chicken Made from Plants


UAE burger besties, let’s switch it up, shall we? Starting September 16, we’re bringing you the same lip-smacking, jaw-locking, stop-the-conversation-to-get-the-flavour-coursing gourmet burgers, but with a Ridiculously Good twist. Drumroll, fanfare, and ticker tape, in your imagination now please!


The one and only OPRAH HENFREY burger, and from right outta this world, the CLUCK KENT chicken cone!  

And all without the guilt!  We’re very proud to introduce our food-loving friends, TiNDLE, the Ridiculously Good Chicken Made from Plants. They’ve cracked it good for the rest of us: how to get the taste, crunch, texture, and mouthfeel of chicken, but all from plants! Check them out on Instagram for more. They’ve already taken over Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau, and we’re only too excited to have you Bite Me Burger and Get Plucked regulars sinking your teeth into some delish chicken burgers and chicken cones in UAE as well. But hold up, let’s sweeten the deal a tad more… 

Dubai folks, we’re talking FREE  Ridiculously Good Burgers.

September 16 to 18, 12pm onwards, we’re giving away 100 OPRAH HENFREY burgers for FREE, every day! Grab a #RidiculouslyBlue FREEZESHAKE with it, all dairy-free, or swap out chicken made from birds for TiNDLE, chicken made from plants, in any of our 12 other burgers and cones. It’s the smacking goodness of all-natural chicken dishes, made from scratch, just for you.